KRST Unity Church Monuments

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Nijel and assistant Isaiah Coney restored two 12 foot statues of Queen Tiye and Rameses for Los Angeles African Spiritual Center.

KRST Unity Center of Afrikan Spiritual Science/
Say “Yes” To Life
7825 So. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Dear Mr. Binns,

On behalf of the KRST Unity Center of Afrikan Spiritual Science, Say Yes! To Life, other auxiliaries myself, and the surrounding communities here on Western Ave., it gives me great pleasure to thank and congratulate you on a job well done.

The meticulous work that you and your assistant William Coney did over the past several months has restored the 12 foot colossal monuments of Queen TIYE and Ramses II to their former glory as originally envisioned and created by the great artist Charles Dickson. They are a blessing to our community creating numerous stop-ins from people who see themselves, as we hoped they would, depicted in Afrikan splendor.

We thank you for your gift to us of your immense talent as an artist and as much to your spirit that allowed you to capture the essence of the vision of transforming this whole community. We wish you ongoing success in your endeavors and look forward to continued excellence from The House of Nijart.

Very Highest Regards,

Rev. Dr. Meri Ka Ra

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